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Former Qatari official exposes Qatari intelligence body, says mafia at the helm in Doha
Published in Alriyadh on 23 - 08 - 2017

Former Qatari intelligence officer and opposition member Ali Al-Dohniem has unmasked the devious practices of the country's espionage agency to frame top businessmen and civil servants, in cooperation with the Mossad, to bring them in line with Doha's suspicious political agenda. Even now, there is a sense of fear prevailing among the Qatari royal family with the imposition of a travel ban on as many as 50,000 people.
In an interview with Al-Riyadh Arabic newspaper, sister publication of Riyadh Daily, Al-Dohneim revealed that Qatar had a highly ambitious intelligence project lined up, but it was dropped after Donald Trump assumed power as the US President.
Qatar has received its first blow from the Gulf states and is now looking for a way out, he said.
The interview:
- You say that Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim is actually only sixth in Qatar's power hierarchy. So how are the affairs of the country being managed?
The country is run by mafia involved in high levels of crime. The one on top and in control is former Emir Hamad bin Khalifa. Then follows, in the order of importance, Hamad bin Jassem; former Energy Minister Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Atteya; Special Advisor to the Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Atteya; and former Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff Hamad bn Ali Al-Atteya. Trailing behind them all is Sheikh Tamim. He is just an ‘executive' emir.
- How does the Qatari intelligence frame people as you mentioned?
The Qatar State Security lures VIP civil servants and businessmen into honey traps. Their nightly encounter is then audio and video taped with the help of high-tech devices bought from Mossad, which directly cooperates with the Qataris in this unscrupulous exercise.
- How do you evaluate the working of the Qatari intelligence?
The Qatar State Security has been given the go-ahead for direct contact with intelligence agencies of Israel, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The state adopts sectarianism and terror tactics, lends support to foreign opposition groups, and seeks to destabilize countries and organizations that are against the Qatari regime. This is all managed by the Qatar State Security. Critical information is bought with the cooperation of other agencies, topped by CIA and Mossad. But this has changed ever since Trump has assumed power.
- It seems Qatar is looking for an armed conflict with Saudi Arabia. Do you think both countries are comparable in this regard?
Qatar wants to destabilize Saudi Arabia in order to divide the country. They are trying to do this through espionage and secret warfare. Of course, there is no comparison at all between Saudi Arabia and Qatar in terms of military might. But Doha wants to play a role much bigger than it can ever think of handling by taking on Saudi Arabia, despite Qatar's diminutive size in the Arab and Islamic world.
- What about inner Qatari society, and how is Qatar ruled from the security standpoint?
The Qatari people are divided into three segments. The first segment comprises servants who are close to the royal family members and serve them, fulfilling their needs. The second segment is the people of the courts who are given special privileges as long as they don't think religiously or politically, or have any demands. The third segment includes those who are marginalized and have no rights.
Qatar is ruled with an iron fist. During the ongoing crisis, 50,000 names have been added by the security bodies to prevent them from leaving the country. The blacklisted people mostly belong to the military, security and intelligence bodies. And some are even members of the royal family. Opposition members abroad, like me, trouble them at a very critical time. The state is drawing near to a very sensitive stage, and the crisis has now taken Qatar to the intensive care unit!
- What do you have to say about the presence of the Turkish and Iranian troops in Qatar?
The Turkish troops are there to ensure the safety of the ruling power – that is, to suppress any internal public uprising. As for Iran, it rejected the Qatari government's request to have Iranian troops under the control of the Qatari leadership. Qatar has a special force that forms the bulk of the Qatari armed forces. These troops can do the job of a military, along with militias and sleeper cells of the Qatari rulers.
- How do you see Qatar's complain to the Security Council?
It is subjective and not based on strong supportive evidence. Such complaints will backfire on Qatar. I think the complaint has been suspended and Qatar has been legally advised to withdraw it. It's all in vain, but Qatar itself should be pulled up by international legal bodies. It must also fulfill all the demands raised by the four Arab countries.
What are your comments on Qatar's attempts to internationalize the pilgrimage?
This is Qatar speaking on the behalf of Iran. This is an Iranian position. Saudi Arabia has never barred Qatari pilgrims and never will. Saudi Arabia has laws that provide full protection to the pilgrims. Yes, this demand by Qatar is only aimed at pleasing Iran. Qatar is a pack of lies and fraud. All its attempts at deception have failed without any adverse impact on the Kingdom.
- How do you see Qatar now?
Qatar is now reduced to a political beggar. Doha had a crucial political, security and intelligence project lined up with the former leaderships of Israel, the US, Britain and France. Qatar made the strategic mistake of supporting Hilary Clinton in her electoral campaign, and providing her financial, moral, and media support. But Trump won. Qatar has now received the first blow from the Gulf states and is seeking a way out.
- Is there public anger over the current crisis?
Sure there is popular anger and dissatisfaction. The private sector is suffering from the crisis, but has no way to change the situation particularly with Qatar's iron fist policy. It needs someone courageous to bring change, but for now, it is hard to find that person. If the opposition has financial and logistical support, the regime can be changed, without the need for any individual.
- In the early days of the crisis, it was said that the Qatari News agency was breached through an iPhone. Is that true?
This is a big lie being used by Qatar. It has very sophisticated electronic systems costing more than US$ 70 million. It is not so easy for any internal or external body to break into any Qatari entity.
- What's your comment on the Qatari Defense Minister's statement, "We were forced to be a partner in the Arab alliance in Yemen"?
Funny and sad! Qatar claims to be an independent, sovereign country. But a worthless official like the Defense Minister shows up and claims, "We were forced."
- What is the solution before the Qatari regime now?
There is none in the light of such a criminal regime at the helm of affairs in Doha. I have a document in which I have proposed a solution to the crisis. My proposal will satisfy the Qataris and the anti-terror countries. The most important thing about this proposal is that it speaks of certain rights to institutions, and seeks to ensure that there no more similar crises arise in the future.

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