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Published in The Saudi Gazette on 08 - 09 - 2008

What is the ruling regarding the one who did not make up the missed fasts of Ramadan until next Ramadan started, without any valid reason?
A- He is required to repent to Allah and make up the (missed) fasts in addition to feeding a poor and needy person for every (missed) day an amount of half a Saa' [One Saa` is equal to four Mudd, and one Mudd is equal to the amount held by cupping the two hands together. It is a measure by volume not by weight] from the staple diet of the land from dates, wheat, rice or other than them. The amount is equivalent to one and a half kilograms, and thereafter, nothing further is required of him in making an expiation (kaffaarah). This is how a group of the companions, including Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him), ruled.
If, however, he was excused due to illness or travel, or if a woman was excused due to pregnancy or breast feeding thereby causing her difficulty in fasting, then nothing is required of them except to make up the (missed) fasts.
– Sheikh Bin Baz, Fatwa Ramadan - Volume 2, Page 554, Fatwa No.536, Tuhfatul-Ikhwaan bi-Ajwibah Muhimmah tata'allaaq bi-Arkan Al-Islaam - Page 177Q- What is the expiation for a man who intentionally broke his fast during Ramadan without a valid reason?
A- If the man intentionally broke his fast by having sexual intercourse, then he must make up (the fast) and also make an expiation in addition to repenting to Allah. (The expiation is) freeing a believing slave, and if he is unable to do so, then he must fast for two consecutive months, and if he is unable to do that, then he must feed sixty poor and needy people. And the woman is required to do the same if she was not forced (to have sexual intercourse).
If, however, he broke his fast by eating and drinking, then he is required to make up (the fast) and repent without making any expiation.
– The Permanent Committee, Fatwa Ramadan - Volume 2, Page 566, Fatwa No.549, Fatwa Al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imah lil-Buhooth Al-`Ilmiyyah wal-Iftaa. - Fatwa No.11491Q- If a person died whilst having fasts (remaining) to be made up from Ramadan or from a vow, then are his relatives required to fast on his behalf or should they make an expiation for each day?
A- If he was cured and had the ability to fast (the remaining days) then died without having fasted (them), then it has been legislated for his guardian to fast on his behalf. This is based upon the statement of the Prophet (peace be upon him):
“Whoever dies whilst having fasts (to be made up), then his guardian is to fast (those remaining fasts) on his behalf,” the authenticity of this Hadith is agreed upon by both Bukhari and Muslim.
The guardian is the relative, such as the father, the son, the brother, or the son of the paternal uncle and other than them.
If his illness continued until his death, then the (obligation of) making up (the remaining fasts) or making an expiation is removed, and likewise nothing (further) is required of his relative(s).
– The Permanent Committee, Fatwa Ramadan - Volume 2, Page 630, Fatwa No.631, Fatwa Al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imah lil-Buhooth Al-`Ilmiyyah wal-Iftaa. - Fatwa No.6288,Q- After the Fajr prayer, in Ramadan, he experienced something similar to vomit. Some liquid or morsels of food came up (from his stomach) into his mouth, so he began swallowing it back into his stomach?
A- Some explanation is required in the matter of vomit. If the vomit came out without the person's choice and without him intending so, and it came out from his stomach via his mouth, then this does not affect his fast because it was without his choice.
However, if he sought to vomit and caused it to come out until he (actually) vomited, then indeed with that he has broken his fast.
As for what is mentioned in the question, that the questioner was overcome by vomit and it came into his mouth and he then swallowed it back then this is not permissible. It was obligatory upon him to spit it out from his mouth. If he swallowed it, his fast is invalidated because the ruling is that if anything reaches his mouth and he swallows it, then he is like the one who ate and drank. So he has broken his fast and is required to make up (the fast for) that day.
– Sheikh Fowzan, Fatwa Ramadan - Volume 2, Page 484, Fatwa No.430, Fatwa Ash-Sheikh Saalih Ibn Fowzan - Volume 1, Pages 30-31Q- Is it permissible for the fasting person in Ramadan to take a shower or bathe in the pool?
A- Yes, that is permissible and his fast is not affected as long as he takes care that water does not enter his stomach. It has been authenticated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) would bathe whilst fasting.
– The Permanent Committee, Fatwa Ramadan - Volume 2, Pages 528-529, Fatwa No.497, Fatwa al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imah lil-Buhooth al-`Ilmiyyah wal-Iftaa. - Fatwa No.3738
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