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Our dislikes and desires!
Published in The Saudi Gazette on 08 - 04 - 2021

There is big difference when something is achieved through effort and when the thing is a result of passion and love. This made me think about what I want to be and what I have to change. Sad to say that in order to reach this enlightened moment, a person has to pass through unpleasant experiences first, sometimes.
Invariably the process starts with a feeling of discontent and losing desire for a particular approach — this can be related to work, relation, studies, age, or habits. How many of us are trapped in work — doing something we do not like, or stay inside an unsatisfying relationship, or studying an unfavorable major just to please the family!
I know taking a step toward your choice could lead you to being disconnected from others, while also cause rumblings or uneasiness in our relations. Our actions could even cause pain for ourselves or others, but despite that, I can say the decision will lead you to absolute happiness or at the least to a peace of mind.
While writing these thoughts, I did recollect many people, I believe, had gotten disappointed in me or maybe some even hated me. But I remember that their feelings, actions or disapproval did not affect me. I felt it was okay with me, just not to let them into my zone. I would, however, advise to follow this disconnect in anything they don't like to continue with or they are sick of.
The opposite, when you suddenly discover excitement and pleasure concerning one subject (you will read and search about it), if it was a song (you will keep listening it day and night), or about someone (you will care about) or with regards to food for example (you will eat it repeatedly), is also true for in a very simple way it shows humans are channeled, dictated and controlled by the stuff they like only.
We invariably also have love-hate relation somewhere, sometime in our lives. Even I too had undergone a similar relationship. I think this usually happens in love stories, when you deeply hate some of the behavior of the other and at the same time you still love the person and accept that defect as natural; this sounds painful I know, but it is true. We all need to measure our choices and live with it.
A quote from Roy T. Bennett resonates with my recent thoughts that the importance of shaping and defining our needs is a must in order to enjoy our journey. The quote, "If you have a strong purpose in life, you don't have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there," sums it up.

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